Park Connector – Tian Fu New City

The road and pedestrian bridge is situated at one of the major cross-roads of the main road “Tian Fu Ave” and serves as an important connection to the planned urban centre of Tian Fu New City on the opposite side of the river. Based on its significant role in the traffic concept of the city the bridge is designed as point of reference.

Focal point of the design is to highlight and support bicycle traffic in the overall traffic concept of the city as well as a barrier-free circulation for pedestrians. Therefore, the bridge has an asymmetric, differentiated layout: On the northern side, the bridge is designed for car traffic whereas the southern side is reserved for cyclists and pedestrians. The path is lowered to enable less inclination and separation from street level.

A special feature of the bridge is the south-facing seating landscape close to water level connecting both sides of the park nearby. It offers a pleasant place to relax with unique views on the city.

The overall form of the bridge with its three main arcs in different height and size is reflecting the differentiated traffic flow and form the main load-bearing elements.